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史福索(Ed Silvoso)的名句:「誰掌管一個城巿的上空,誰就掌管這個城巿。」



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當神造訪阿根廷 Ed Silvoso



你能夠贏得你的鄰舍 / 艾德史福索(Ed Silvoso






About Ed Silvoso || Harvest Evangelism

Ed and his team pioneered city transformation in Argentina in 1990 when the city of Resistencia (population 400,000) was totally reached for Christ, thus shifting a paradigm that since then has made city transformation part of the church lifestyle worldwide.

Ed and his wife, Ruth, reside in San Jose, California.


***Ed Silvoso’s Powerpoint on Transformation

What is Transformation?

Transformation is the process of change that comes about when Jesus Christ is lifted up, the power of Satan is cast down and the eyes of the lost are opened so that they press into the Kingdom of God.

Youàthe Churchàthe Kingdom of GodàThe Market placeàThe City


5 Pivotal Paradigm Shifts for National Transformation:

1. We are called to disciple nations, not just individuals.

2. The Marketplace which is the heart of the nation has been redeemed, and now it needs to be reclaimed.

3. Every Christian is a exceptions, and labor is worship.

4. We are called to take the kingdom of God to where the gates of hell are, for Jesus to build His Church.

5. Nation transformation must be tangible and the premier social indicator is the alleviation / elimination of systemic poverty.


7 Catalytic Groups: Pastors, Youth, Intercessors, Worshippers, Education, Government, Commerce/Industry.


How? PastorsàYouth, Marketplace (Education, Government, Commerce/Industry), Worshippers, IntercessorsàThe City


My City…God’s City


Redemption of the Marketplace/Five Pivotal Paradigms (.ppt)

Transformation in the Marketplace with Ed Silvoso



普世運動的發展與分析(下) / 朱柬




Transformation Video - Compliments Ed Silvoso

Ed Silvoso describes exorcism of "gay demons"

Analysis of Ed Silvoso's FOP 2006 sermon [PDF]

Very critical comments about Ed Silvoso

Rev. Ed Silvoso is the founder and president of Harvest Evangelism International Institute. He is also an apostle affiliated with C. Peter Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), and is thus considered a Third Wave charismatic. As an ‘apostle’ to the Marketplace, he claims to be anointed for business and he is the chairman of the Apostle Transformation Network (ATM), which is an association of marketplace and pulpit ministers who are building prototypes of transformation in government, education, business, communities, cities and nations across the world.


“Silvoso then started his sermon proper on marketplace transformation by stating that most of his life, he did not know of this concept, until he re-read the Bible through ‘marketplace lenses’. … Silvoso then carried on by stating that Martin Luther and the other Reformers were monks and thus they were good at realizing ‘spiritual doctrines’ like the doctrine of sin, justification by faith etc but they were not involved in the marketplace. He then continued by saying that most of our theologians are practically monks too.


“Silvoso is a heretic and most likely unsaved. He is part of the Third Wave charismatic deception that is sweeping the globe. As such, all Christians are advised to separate from this false teacher and cleave to Christ alone.”


Why Spiritual Warfare doesn't deliver—Youtube

The Shocking History of Spiritual Warfare: Dominionism Frank Standford and Ed Silvoso

Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism By Sarah Leslie